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When it comes to this world’s resources, the old saying is, “If we can’t grow it, we have to mine it.” Whether a commodity is grown or mined, and whether it is moved as raw material or finished product, one statistic holds over all: maritime shipping moves 90% of everything.


Hello everyone, and welcome.

The writings seen here will be a collection of analysis, charts and numbers revolving around the shipping indices and markets. You’ll see shipping charts, shipping numbers, shipping ideas and shipping commentary to get your synapses firing.

How did we get involved with all this stuff that makes the world move?

It started out in the steamy depths of a British tanker engine-room in the late 1970s. After a few years of deep sea voyages and a stint in the Great Lakes bulk trade, post-maritime experience saw a decade or three spent in operations and maintenance in the gold-mining and other resource-based fields.

Along the way, studying the convolutions of the shipping and commodity industries seemed a logical progression. Home is around the Great Lakes, from whence is dispensed occasional gems of research and analysis wisdom. Maritime and commodity news is gathered from various sources and aggregated on the @SuperiorMar Twitter feed.

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