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Ship Finance International SFL
2016-09-20 4:35 PM

Our last comments on SFL (Jul 15th) were optimistic for 14.75 – 15.50, and that price area was reached by mid to late August. Since then, we’ve seen some shenanigans that may be calming down a little. 15.25 or thereabouts may be a decent target, but recent weakness will force us to monitor the 14.25 area for downward slides.

Previous ramblings on $SFL:

Ship Finance International – SFL
2016-07-15 10:34 PM
Still a little bullish optimism here, with SFL price around our previous target area of 14.75 – 15.50. Raising possible support to the 14.50 region may be a bit premature.

Ship Finance International – SFL

2016-07-09 2:07 PM
Some weakness seen in SFL lately, after all those bullish calls back in May. 14.75 to 15.50 could be seen as a continuation of bullishness, and the weakness seen doesn’t appear to give pause for any major downward retracements yet.
Support around the 14.00 mark may prove to be a blessing.

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