$DLNG Dynagas LNG Partners

2016-09-20 12:44 PM

DLNG seems content to build on its previous support, recovering its composure around Jul. 27th and giving us a better-than-hoped-for run past 13.50. We will plead politics and write off previous antics to that nasty Brexit thingy.

Recent support around 14.70 has been confirmed by the steady but tight range DLNG is currently in.

Previous DLNG commentary:

2016-07-15 1:24 PM
DLNG seems happy to sail along in the current range, with perhaps the support peg being moved up a little into the 12.75 – 12.90 region. The little dive seen near the end of June? Let’s just write that off to the Brexit jitters seen everywhere else.


2016-07-09 10:08 AM

DLNG seems tightly confined to the 12.90 TO 14.50 for the moment, with some exploratory pokes at support. 12.00 could be the one to watch for any downside, while resistance seems pegged in the 14.00 region for now.

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