Hump Day…Dry Bulk Update

Dry Bulk Update:

A glance at the daily rate assessments from London today we are reminded of a report by Rob Perri of Axia dated Sep 16. The title and opening paragraph follow.

“Drybulk Shipping: Don’t believe the Hype, it’s a sequel – Getting closer but not there yet

Everything everyone predicted would happen was wrong… As we entered 2016, there were a few tightly held tenets about the drybulk market; China was slowing and that would have a negative impact on the market, India was growing rapidly and this would help the market, and increased scrapping would put a lid on the growth in the drybulk fleet. In every instance, the opposite happened (we told you predictions come here to die!).”

As we continue to witness the Cape recovery dissipate we feel all the more inclined to alert our readers to the precarious nature of shipping investments and the likelihood of prolonged recoveries in the dry bulk space. That said we look at the numbers.

Cape 5 T/C ~ $13,850

Cape 4 T/C ~ $13,075

BPI 4 T/C ~ $6,015

BSI T/C ~ $7,050

BHSI T/C ~ $6,115

Dry Bulk FFA:

The Capes began selling as the Asian bell opened trading. Panasister and Soup curves are pointing south as well.


Capes $9,250 (-400)

Pmax $6,400 (-200)

Soups $7,100 (-150)

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