Friday Dry Bulk Report

Friday Dry Bulk Update:

The good news might be that this week is over. The numbers out of London show the only component indice in the green today is the BSI. Looking at the AG report we think the soups will enjoy the US harvest presently making its way down the river. We can expect high water levels to come into play both slowing the traffic and making barge rates rise, but nonetheless the soups will get loaded in the USG.


Cape 4 T/C ~ $12,000 (-325)

Cape 5 T/C ~ $12,700 (-350)

BPI 4 T/C ~ $5,800 (-125)

BSI T/C ~ $7,100 (25)

BHSI T/C ~ $6,100 (-10)

Dry FFA:

The paper market started the day with Cape trades firming. The Panamax and Soups followed in kind…light volume Friday.


Capes $9,250 +250

Pmax $6,300 +100

Soups $7,000 unchanged

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