Monday Dry Bulk Report

The dry bulk numbers out of London today reveal a mixed bag in that three of the four component indices of the BDI are up a bit. The bad news would be the Cape pullback continues today, after losing around 11% last week. In addition, last week the Panasisters gained 7% and the Soups about 2%, offsetting some of the BCI losses. The broader index (BDI) ended last week down 29 points over the five-day period. Today’s ~ rates;

BCI 4 T/C $11,950 down 100

BCI 5 T/C $12,650 down 100

BPI 4 T/C $6,700 up 150

BSI T/C $7,050 up 15

BHSI T/C $6,000 up 30

Dry Bulk FFA:


Capes $10,350 (-250)

Pmax $6,750 (+50)

Soups $7,400 unchanged

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