The Cubs and Dry Bulk Shipping

Dry Bulk and the Chicago Cubs Fan!

Growing up in Illinois about sixty miles south of the windy city I have been a loyal Cubs fan through all my life. That has conditioned me to withstand long-term suffering and failures. As I watched the Cubs lose last night, I could not escape from the idea that I am better prepared by the +100 year curse to weather the dry bulk storm.

Surely, it will not take as long for the fundamentals of the dry bulk industry to restore the balance between demand and supply.

Surely, next season will be better. Surely, owners will run out of options and scrap older and less productive assets.

Surely, the scale of economics for Capes and Panamax will return to historical norms and the bigger boats will make more money than a Soup.

Surely, we will pack Wrigley Field and just as surely, owners will return to the yards looking for more tonnage.

After all next season will be better!!!

Go Cubs!

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