$DHT – DHT Holdings

2016-10-26 3:43 PM
About a month ago, we had some bearish concerns on DHT. However, our number to watch for downward direction (4.00) wasn’t broken through. A slow consolidation of 4.00 support has shown up instead. Dare we say we’re watching for a return to the 4.75 area? That would confirm the present trend but DHT, as with so many other shipping stocks, is taking baby steps. Caution still rules.

Previous pontifications on DHT Holdings :

2016-09-25 6:54 PM
Tip-toeing along just above 4.00, DHT is giving us some bearish concern. Cautious optimism is fading a little; a break down through 4.00 will have us staring at 3.75 again for continuance of the general bearishness.

2016-09-20 1:03 PM
Continued weakness that overshadows half-hearted price recoveries has plagued DHT for most of 2016. Maybe the down-trend is finally easing on recent signals. A cautiously-estimated price target of 4.50 – 4.75 could be in the works, but optimism isn’t proven yet. 3.75 is to be watched for
any continuation downwards.

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