Baltic Dry Bulk Indices – Handies & Supras

BHSI – Baltic Handysize Index:

Weekly Chart Commentary

The last two weeks have shown the first positive sign since the start of 2017’s downward spiral in the Baltic Handysize Index.
Should this positivity show signs of further upward motion, we might see some resistance around the 460 to 465 region. The numbers would then bear some similarity with those seen prior to the US presidential election. A breakthrough point for any downward moves could be seen around
325 to 330 area.

The sentiment out there seems to be leaning towards a dry bulk re-birth, with new joint ventures and alternative investment entities popping up. However flashes in the pan, as always, are something to be wary of.


BSSI – Baltic Supramax Index:

Weekly Chart Commentary

Similar to the Handysize index, the recent positive numbers in the Supramax index have shown a little more bouyant sentiment, reflected in Supramax rates.
We could see some resistance to upward pressure in the 750-800 range.
With pessimism in many shipping categories, it’s a bright spot to watch (however small) in an otherwise gloomy industry.

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