Clean Tankers consolidating? Baltic Tanker Indices: Week 10 commentary.

by Dave Walker


For Week 10 the Clean Tanker index appeared to consolidate a little, fixing at 575 and staying just within the previous week’s range.

With the index hovering just above our mid-500s support ideas from back in Week 3, the RSI trailed off somewhat but stayed in its neutral zone at 43.22. The MACD stayed firmly bearish but is lagging a good deal now.

The slowing downtrend may run out of steam altogether if our mid-500s support gains strength. An index recovery could see the 675-700 zone as possible resistance.


Gapping down in Week 10 and falling to a 742 fix, the Dirty Tanker index entered our low-700s possible support zone.

The negatively-valued MACD continued its dive and the RSI at 22.44 was firmly into the bottoming zone. Should support firm up at these RSI levels, we may see a weakening of the downtrend, but precious few signs are visible at the moment.

Further steps downward would have us watching the 675-700 zone for support, (visible on the chart during the first half of 2018) with some hope that the mid-to-lower 700s will hold some sway.

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